Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vancouver ComicCon May 2011


I attended my first Vancouver Comic-Con as an exhibiting local artist, on Sunday May 15th. The event is held bimonthly at Heritage Hall on Main. St for artists, and comics collectors. The turnout was great. I had a chance to meet other artists such as GuruKitty Studios, Doug Savage of Savage Chickens, Nate Simpson of Nonplayer, and more. Everyone offered me tips, and advice since it was my first time at an event like this.

I had various vinyl toys on display, as well as some postcard sized prints to sell. M.Bison Munny, C.Lil custom Chicken Little, Homeless Quatchi, and V-Day Qee were all displayed at my table. It was great meeting new fans, and getting my work more exposure. I used this as an opportunity to spread the excitement for my SKELANIMALS QEE x TOY2R x Albert Art collaboration, and the feedback was very positive overall!

I think I will be attending more of these local comic events, and perhaps some others outside of Vancouver in the coming years. Seeing the reaction of people looking at your artwork is something that definitely cannot be replaced by online emoticons. Getting out there, and promoting your work is the best way to get to know what people enjoy. Watching how people react to the work of other artists as well, is something to take note of.

I was very lucky to share a table with Doug Savage who attracted lots of people. His book 'Savage Chickens' sold like hotcakes.

Enjoy some pictures from the event below!


Savage Chickens: A Survival Kit for Life in the CoopDo-It-Yourself 8" Qee Toyer Value PackNonplayer #1

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