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Vinyl Toy Robot Boy Albert Art MUNNY Custom: 'Mega Man'
Capcom's beloved blue boy gets the 'Vinyl' treatment.

I've recently given birth to my latest Kidrobot custom creation, 'Mega Man'. By no means is this an official Capcom toy, because it's NOT. I'm a fan of the videogame mascot, and this piece was inspired by the franchise. As well, it's not exactly 'on model' with the videogame character for obvious reasons, but it's Mega Man nonetheless, in MUNNY form.
Being that I can't seem to get enough videogame themed art these days, from drawing and painting it, to customizing toys, the thought of turning Mega Man into a vinyl custom was at the top of my MUNNY list, following Bonk. For the simply reason that the Mega Man design (like Bonk) lends itself ideally to the Big-head-Small-body shape of the MUNNY vinyl canvas. Capcom's kid robot was perfect! Yet the process of actually making it was anything but simple.
Comprised of a whole lot of Scupley clay, paint and patience, this MUNNY was a lot to handle. Unlike the last Vinyl I did, where only the prop and the feet were made from Scupley, Mega MUNNY Man is literally covered in the stuff, around 70%, if not more. The tiny boots, the robot underwear, his Helmet and the arm canon are all Scupley. I still consider it a vinyl creation though, since Sculpey is a polymer kinda like plasticine.
The helmet was one of the more challenging parts of creating this custom. So in no way is this piece perfect, but I learned a lot from making it and am pretty happy with the end product.
A mini 'How to' Guide for MUNNY -- Want to be a MUNNY Maker? Here's some info on how to get started:
The Kidrobot forum has some fantastic answers to all sorts of MUNNY questions, and honestly without the site I wouldn't know where to begin. It's funny, before finding that forum I emailed some Munny artists with some questions, and was given the cold shoulder. 1) received no reply and 2) was told "I forgot how I made my MUNNY".
Uh huh, I don't know which is worse, being played for a fool or getting no reply at all. Some artists can be selfish with their knowledge, yet I'm not one to withhold information that would help other like-minded individuals get a start.
In any case, the Kidrobot forum saved the day and put things into perspective for what I was about to do. The thing is, the more I read over the various questions and answers, the more I realized that there is no one way to do a custom vinyl toy.
(Customizing, NOT making a vinyl toy from scratch, but taking an existing vinyl and making it your own.)
Some use Primer, some don't. Some sand their MUNNY's, others don't. Some Bake their Sculpey, others Boil it. Everyone has their own process, so which ever works for you is what you should settle for.
  1. Step 1: Find a store that sells MUNNY
  2. Step 2: Buy MUNNY
  3. Step 3: Think of an idea for a MUNNY and do a MUNNY sketch
  4. Step 4: Get the Supplies to realize your MUNNY.
  5. Step 5: Head to the Art store, office supply store, Home Hardware store, flea market, garbage or garage to obtain supplies needed to bring MUNNY to life. You'll soon realize making MUNNY costs Money!
The Tools of the Trade:

-Acrylic Paint (Sprays or tube paints) and Paint Brushes


-Super Sculpey

-Sculpting tools

-Primer Spray (for Plastic)

-Clearcoat Spray

-latex gloves

-super glue

And anything else that you need. Everyone has their own tools!

The first thing you should do when you get MUNNY out of the box is to Wash that sucker. This will prevent horrendous painting problems, the ones where little air bubbles start popping up, messing up the paint job. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! WASH MUNNY with warm water and soap.
The second thing that I suggest is get some steelwool and while you're washing MUNNY, sand him a bit, your vinyl will be smoother!
Optimus Prime, or no Prime?
So many artists have wondered whether or not Priming their MUNNY actually helps... well, it doesn't hurt, but you can paint a MUNNY without priming and get by just fine.
Boil Sculpey? It works for me. Get an old pot and use that specifically for your Sculpey boiling. Experiment with boiling Scupley first before your do your actual piece. If you molded it to the vinyl surface appropriately, it should fuse just fine when you place it in water. Why Boil? Well, melting plastic in my oven that I use to cook food with isn't exactly in my best interest... something about toxic fumes, and living an in apartment building.
The Work shop

Nothing special here, just the production of a Mega Man and the kitchen sink.

Check out Capcom, for an interesting video on Mega Man's 20 year history!.
Comments, Questions?
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jt_bombtrak said...

I just tried to play Megaman ZX the other day, but just didn't dig it. So instead, I'm doing a marathon run through the original Megaman 1-6 on the NES (on an emulator on my DS) and it's much more satisfying! So is this sculpty!!

thatjonguy said...

That's pretty badass dude. Kudos to you sir.

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog somehow and am so grateful! I'm doing my first munny and don't know where to start and I am so happy to find you! Thanks for the helpful hints! Also, I had totally forgot about megaman until i saw your site, brings back good memories! thank you, kelly.