Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Albert Art Bomberman Custom Munny Toy

Albert Art (albertart.net) Custom MUNNY - Bomberman
One more Vinyl for 2007, because some toys you just can't find in stores.

So here it is. My last vinyl toy of the year. A hand-painted "Bomberman-themed" custom Kidrobot MUNNY, with Super Sculpey additions. After several months of on-again, and off-again work, I finally reached a point to where I could say it was finished. And I think it looks pretty darn good!
Like the other MUNNY's I've done, Hudson Soft's Bomberman seems like a perfect fit for the combination of big-head, small-body MUNNY design. He's basically a great character to make into a toy, like Bonk and Megaman were. I'm a huge fan of the Bomberman franchise (excluding Bomberman Act Zero), having played it on the Turbo Duo, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and now the Xbox 360. Bomberman is definitely one of my favorite games, and I consider it one of the best multi-player games in gaming history. Not an exaggeration. This year Bomberman proved that he can thrive on the Xbox live arcade with great success. If you've played it, you could vote for Bomberman Live for the Best Multiplayer Game for 2007 Game of the Year Awards on 1UP.com...
How could you not enjoy Bomberman? This MUNNY is to show my unending enthusiasm for the game!

Using Super Sculpey, I started off with shaping the head, then the shoes, then the belt. The massive head took a while to shape. I cut off the MUNNY's ears and placed thick layers of sculpey onto the existing vinyl. To balance out the head, I made Bomberman big shoes so that he wouldn't topple over. My sculpting tools included a cylindrical bottle to use as a roller, a kitchen knife, a cheese peeler, and well, that's it. Very simple, nothing special.
I mixed the colors of acrylic paint myself, and after much trial and error, I settled for these colors. They aren't exact to the characters colors from the videogames; The colors are slightly lighter. The cost of making a MUNNY mostly comes from the Super Sculpey, paints, and the MUNNY itself.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. There were times where I thought the head would break in half under the pressure of the boiling, but in the end it worked. I feel like a veteran MUNNY maker.
So what's next for this toy maker? Well, Since I have been doing videogame-themed characters, I think I'll do some original designs next on not only MUNNY, but other Vinyl as well. So stay tuned for those in 2008! I'm also heading to LA for the holidays, and I'm hoping to checkout some Vinyl stores in the area as well as Beyond Ultraman @ the Pasadena Museum of California Art. I love SoCal. If it's one thing I'd like to accomplish, it would be to someday exhibit my custom gaming MUNNY's offline!
I know many people traffic this site to learn more about customizing Vinyl toys. Thanks for visiting, and if you have any comments, or questions, be sure to leave one!
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Domingo R said...

Albert - Great post and awesome work!

If it works into your schedule, I'd love to have you on the weekly Hangout On Air that I do every Tuesday from 8pm-9pm EST (because of the Christmas and New Year's holiday, I won't be doing a show on the 25th of December or January 1st).

Please contact me at 919.355.8147 to let me know what your schedule is. No fee for coming on the show and you are more then welcome to tell people where they can buy your creations. For past show examples please look at http://collectorshangout.tv

Again great job on Bomberman and thanks for your consideration!

Domingo Rogers
Host & Page Manager of CollectorsHangout.tv