Wednesday, November 19, 2008


rez2cool likes the New Xbox 360 Dashboard
Fresh and clean 'Freshness' Dashboard for the Xbox 360.
Finally, a welcome update to the 360 dashboard. This thing is much much better, at least from a visual stand point. Who knows how messy the coding is behind the scenes. It's slick, intuitive, and kinda reminiscent of the PSP/PS3 interface.
The addition of avatars is expected, since that seems to be the trend with console gaming these days. Who cares if they ripped off Nintendo's Mii's, I haven't played my Nintendo Wii in months, and these avatars have Hats!
Though, I think in terms of customization, there's much lacking when it comes to options to choose from. Whatever combination I seemed to put together, I could never really get my avatar to look like me. I think it's the nose, and the shape of the head. Yeah definitely it's the nose. My avatar needs rhinoplasty.
I think there should be the option to scale, rotate, and translate all parts of the body, something like Phantasy Star Online character creator, or to a degree even Spore creature creator. Would that be asking for too much? Should be exciting to see more options for customization in the future.

I also like how your friends are displayed online and offline, as awake, and asleep, displayed alongside the game that they're playing. Load time isn't bad at all.

Also, what`s up with that crazy intro video. I like it!

I like the new dashboard, it's like I'm playing on the Xbox 360 2!

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