Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bid on this - rez2cool's ebay items.

Get your Holiday gifts on ebay.

Well, it's getting close to Christmas, only 4 weeks, and a few days away!!!

In the spirit of giving, I've recently booted up my ebay seller account, giving up some of my unwanted items to the powers of the online auction block and giving you all a chance to get your hands on some cool stuff. Because like everyone else out there, I have stuff I don't need, and would like to relieve my otherwise cluttered up my space... for a price.

Some stuff I got in Japan with the intention of hawking them on ebay -- like toys, and TGS swag -- Other stuff like PSP and 360 games I'm trying to get rid of, all in excellent, 'like new' condition, because I hardly played them.

Here are some of the stuff I have listed, with more to come in the next few days. Check out the full list on my ebay page. Paypal please.

Neon Genesis Evangelion UCC Coffee beverage. I've already sold one, and I have 3 more left. Surprisingly hardcore fans would pay anything to get their hands on this to drink it, or to keep it preserved. I purchased them at the Big Wheel Odaiba arcade. This one pictured is the only one different design, the others were all duplicates.

Chun Li Street Fighter IV Pins, which I got from TGS. Straight from the Street Fighter IV competition. I have several of these I'll be posting separately.

Street Fighter IV Pins Ryu and Akuma from TGS.

Naruto Blind-box Toy mini-figure originally purchased in Tokyo.

UNICLO UT Gundam Tee Small purchased in Harajuku. Sorry only small size, it was literally the last one in the store. Comes with the capsule. Shipping might be a little more than usual because of the packaging dimensions.

Phantasy Star Universe Game + Strategy Guide BradyGames. Not a fan of the game, hardly played it.

SSX On Tour Sony PSP, old game, hardly played like new. Also check out my Tony Hawk, Prince of Persia, and Need for Speed PSP listed.

Tales of Symphonia blind-box toy mini-figure from Japan.

Star Wars blind-box toy mini-figure from Japan.

Biohazard 5 Bandanna from TGS, just added!!!

If there's any questions, let me know. Bid now, so I can ship it out before the holiday mailing craze gets too crazy.

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