Sunday, April 17, 2011

Albert Art Custom Chicken Little Vinyl Toy

C.Lil' Custom Chicken Little.

Meet C.Lil', my latest custom vinyl toy using the Walt Disney, Chicken Little platform. It's a cross between the Black Eyed Peas, Larry King, Shaun of the Dead, and "D-Fens" from the film, Falling Down. I purchased this toy in LA over the Xmas holiday from my favorite book store in Torrance. Originally, I had no idea that Disney had produced vinyl toys based on Chicken Little, so when I saw it, I knew I wanted one, and knew I wanted to give it some new paint. (I believe the Chicken Little is a Limited Edition toy.)

"MONDAY MORNING AT THE OFFICE" is basically the story of C.Lil', a disgruntled employee who works at a boring office job. One Monday morning he decides he's had enough with cubicles, his boss, and his co-workers. He goes to work with a baseball bat, without the intention of playing any sports. The rest is up to your imagination.

In the simple child-like design of Chicken Little, I found inspiration to create an alternate version of the nerdy kid from the 2005 animated film, one that could be viewed as radically different, and racially different from the original.

Animated animal characters in films typically don't have an ethnic background that is identifiable, or obvious, because well, they're animals, (though racial features can be applied to cartoon, caricatured versions of the actors doing the voice over), yet there simply aren't enough chocolate brown cartoon characters out there! So why not take the beloved Chicken Little from the house of Disney, and make him well... not "white."

The toy stands about the same height as a regular Munny, painted with acrylic, it was quite easy to handle. The bat accessory was included with the toy. It took me about a week to create this toy. Overall, I think it turned out nicely.


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Chicken Little Falling Down Shaun of the Dead

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