Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quit Staring at my busted iPhone! Haven't you ever seen a broken iPhone before?

Life with a broken iPhone.

So maybe the term 'broken' is a misnomer in this case when referring to my iPhone. It certainly works like it should -- taking pictures, answering calls, surfing the internet, and all that stuff that makes the iPhone what it is -- my phone just looks a little beat up and rejected, that's all.

Every time I bust out with this in public, it's no surprise that people do a double take. Obviously it's shocking to see such a fine piece of industrial design ruined with cracks, and shattered glass, it's like keying a slick new car. I would have to look twice if it wasn't me with a broken iPhone.

My excitement over going to Japan back in October is to blame, when I did a giddy hop, and it fell out of my hoodie pocket falling on to the floor of my buildings' parking garage. A day before my flight. Sucks! Damn hoodies, and their loose pockets.

It's been interesting using an iPhone with a cracked glass. When it first broke, tiny shards of glass literally were embedding themselves on my finger. In Tokyo I had wrapped the entire phone with plastic wrap to keep the glass from coming off. Eventually all the looses pieces of glass came off, and now touching the cracked glass isn't a problem, or a health issue anymore.

I looked up different alternatives to sending the iPhone away, like one where you replace the glass with a plastic sheet, but I figured too much work. I can't send it to Apple either, since it's an unlocked iPhone, from the USA, which shouldn't even be in Canada. It was also my brother's phone. If my brother found out I dropped it, he would freak out.

The cracks are most noticeable when the screen isn't lit. As you can see below, it's hardly apparent the screens cracked...

Though, I think I might eventually give in to the evil phone companies, and get a 3G, with the contract, and extra charges. Here in Canada we have a service called fido, and customers accumulate fido dollars, which can be used like real dollars towards the purchase of a handset. I think my fido dollars are getting to the point where I can purchase a 3G. I gotta use them for something.

Anyone else out there drop or damage their iPhones? Join the club.

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