Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Abrams Star Trek Trailer Mission Impossible in Space

The new Trek trailer released with the latest Bond flick looks like Mission Impossible in space. I'm speechless really. I mean it looks cool, with some pretty awesome action going on, but what the hell is this movie about again? Damn teasers!

Oh, it's about Kirk. I couldn't tell, I thought it was a car commercial. We can see that Kirk is the focus, as a reckless child driving at high speed who almost kills himself, clinging to an edge of a massive crater. From there he's approached by a masked individual with a cool hover vehicle parked near by. Is that guy supposed to be a Cop??? I just got that, after watching the trailer thrice....

Why does this Kirk remind me so much of the main character in the animated film Titan A.E. The annoying, blonde little prick with attitude.

The teaser trailer introduces the characters in bits and pieces with more spotlight on the Kirk/Spock dynamic. One thing that stood out to me is the ships interior, which looks kinda whack though, like something out of a trendy restaurant. Also was that Uhura lifting up her shirt? lol.

Like I said before on another blog, if this ends up being a 'Felicity' in space with more focus on the actors to grab the audiences that would otherwise avoid watching Trek, that's really too bad. Trek is more than an attractive cast. Trek is science, and technology, and if that intellectual part is gone to be replaced with solely action, and Kirk bangin' chicks, that's pretty sad. Sad in an entertaining sense. To think it couldn't get any worse than Enterprise. Damn, I gotta watch this movie!!!

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