Sunday, November 16, 2008

Albert Art Third Store Gallery PVC Customs Toy artshow Fun times!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the customs show on Saturday, and thanks to Third Store for hosting a great party. It was awesome. Though personally I feel the organizers messed up my toy display, separating the two toys, and not properly showcasing them as they were meant to be.

Overall though it was cool, with many artists from New York to Tokyo, displaying their work. I am so fortunate to have been added alongside them!

More pictures should surface online at some point, be sure to check in with Third store blog, and their myspace page.

In the mean time, here's a video of another art opening at the Third Store to give you a better idea of the place. White people throwin' up them hand signs, hilarious, that's Vancouver for ya... on another note, I really need to get my hands on Bill Cosby's Come on People.

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