Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Blog of the Year - Gaming, Food, Family, and Stuff...

I'm Ready to Kick 2008's Ass.

And so Christmas has passed, and the last day of the year is finally upon us. I never really recieved what I wanted in terms of gifts (except for the Hori fighting stick), but being I'm in Southern California for the Holidays, it seems that I can afford to buy myself whatever it is I want. Granted if it's within my ethical/logical spending limits.

It's always surprising to me when I look at the price of food, books, clothing etc. in Los Angeles, and compare them to that of Vancouver's high cost of living. Stuff here is CHEAP! Not cheap in quality, but in pricing. It's affordable! The other day I purchased 3 books and a magazine (yes I still buy Magazines for those times I'm not near the internet) that would have cost me at least 200 bucks, but I got it for far less. (It didn't hurt to have a $25 giftcard too). The same goes for clothing as well as food. Actual "SALES", "LUNCH SPECIALS", and "Generous Meal Portions" for dinner entrees. Could all this be contributing to America's High obesity rate?

I'm gonna be heading to Best Buy, to get some games. Finally I'll buy Assassin's Creed and The Orange Box for less then $40. Yay! New games to play in the new year!

I finally had a chance to get my hands on NiGHTS Journey of Dreams, and I must say I'm disappointed. I played a couple of hours into it, and plan to play more when I get back to Vancity. Whoever said that original NiGHTS fans would actually enjoy this game needs to rethink that statement. Expect a bitter writeup on that in the new year.

I've been playing a fair amount of Rock Band too with the family, and I'm getting better each time, though not as good as my younger cousins who manage to get 95-100% on almost every song on hard and medium difficulty.

I've been watching a shit load of movies too. I Am Legend, The Orphanage, Sweeney Todd, not to mention the DVD's we watch at home. If it's one thing I love about my large family, it's their love of movies.

But it's the REAL moments that are better then any video game or movie. Sitting around, eating, or walking and talking with family members is the best. It's hard to get all the family members in one place at one time!

If I had to look back on 2007, I'd say it was an exciting year for me. I did achieve many of the goals I had planned, even the spur-of-the-moment ones. I've grown, maybe matured, made new friends, acquaintances, and have generally been busy. I've been doing A LOT, and I hope to continue that momentum in 2008.

Here's looking to the new year! Have a Happy Safe Holiday!

So long 2007!

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