Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Summer Parties The weather is finally heating up! Not that I'm in favor of odd, unnatural, Global Warming type weather or anything, but it's August, and for crying out loud, we can use some heat over here in Vancouver. So to celebrate the Summer season, Backbone threw a little party for us at the beach. Good times, good food, good fun. Lacarno Beach was the location. Absolutely Gorgeous. There were games, prizes, and all around craziness. Catering by Vera's Burgers As we partied like party people usually do, I noticed something from the corner of my eye.
More than just fanboy vandalism, I believe that Rockstar Vancouver claimed this area of the beach, and for that, I laugh. As the party ended, I made my way to the car, and noticed a business card on the ground, a card from Relic Entertainment. It seems that they were partying here too!

Next on the agenda was the Activision Meet and Greet at Kingston Pub in downtown Vancouver. Rumors of Activision establishing a studio here are greatly a miss, they simply want to absorb the talent our great city fosters into their collective of studios. Sorry Activision, I'm already taken. Behind in their yearly recruiting quota, they've come to Canada to seek new blood. Aren't we special. Open bar, food, and swag. Cheers. Thanks Activision.

The HR, and studio execs were fresh off the plane so the event started slightly late. I struck up conversations with Studio Heads and VP's and I must say that I was impressed with their vast knowledge of the business. They were very approachable and are actually very informed, even able to relate to the art side of production. A studio head who claims to have got his start as a QA tester, and can relate to the creative urges of Animator's... woah I'm impressed.

The crowd was a mix of industry people and new grads. It's always fun to socialize with the experienced and those looking to get their start. I've said this once, and I'll say it again, Vancouver is a really small industry. The industry gossip you hear around parties is always interesting!

Call of Duty 4, Quake Wars, Tony Hawk , Guitar Hero etc. Activision. The event was a smashing success.

CDNGRRL heard about the event too! Seen here with Leah from the O.C.

Overall, that was one busy ass Tuesday day/night.

I can't wait to see how EA's SKATE compares to the Tony Hawk series.

Forbes has posted an Earnings Preview of Activision.

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