Sunday, November 22, 2009

Albert Art M Bison Munny custom vinyl toy

The Psycho Crusher is Real!

I'm taking part in a group art show here in Vancouver, (Dec.5th @ The Fall Gallery), where the theme of the exhibit is "Evil Toys."

Nothing too original, and kind of boring actually in terms of a theme, but instead of doing the usual bloody, demonic, homicidal maniacs, and belated Halloween figures expected in a show such as this, I wanted to do something a little different.

So, I started brainstorming. Searching a box of Munny accessories that I've accumulated over the last few years, I got some ideas that revolved around this hat accessory, but really there were only two designs that came to mind, and it was a toss up between Hitler, and M.Bison.

Both are very iconic figures in pop-culture, (one more so than the other), but rather than design a toy around one of the most evil individuals to ever walk this Earth, I decided to skip the touchiness of a Hitler subject, for the videogame inspired villain from Capcom's Street Fighter, instead.

Besides, I love Street Fighter!

M.Bison has a pretty cool design to begin with. The massive boots, shoulder pads, and hat are great details to start out with, but it was the characters white eyes, and facial expression that really sold me on the character.

The imposing character is often seen with a toothy grin in artwork for the Street Fighter series, which over the years hasn't changed much, even though the character become more steroidal with each new game.

To make the design work for such a small super deformed vinyl toy, like the Kidrobot Munny, required some planning. Minimal, and simplistic in approach to the face, and added details, or the toy wouldn't work.

And of course, I have to put my own style into the design, as I am a fan of the asymmetrical expression.

The cape was taken from an old umbrella cover, which I cut and wrinkled up to give it a posable ability. The fabric became quite rigid, and easy to work with after a while. As you can see, it looks like the cape is flapping in the wind, when in actuality, no wind, or wires were required.

The boots were made with Super Sculpey, which I boiled, then sprayed with metallic paint in chrome. They are attached by screws which connect to the vinyl base, drilled with a handy Dremel tool.

The shoulder pads which are also Super Sculpey, had to be the right size, or the head wouldn't be able to move. The degree of rotation is limited, because the pads are pretty delicate, and can break.

M.Bison is another addition to my gamer themed collection of customs. I hope this toy brings a smile to all fans of Street Fighter. It was fun to make! This is also my last vinyl toy of 2009! Expect more awesomeness in the new year!

If you're in Vancouver, and wanna see this toy up close, stop by the art show Dec.5th to check it out. More details below.


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