Monday, November 16, 2009

Lazy Susan short film VFX Trailer Albert Art

Lazy Susan a short film - VFX Trailer (HD) from Albert Art on Vimeo.

It's movie magic!

For those that were wondering about the VFX behind the short film 'Lazy Susan,' I've uploaded a brief breakdown of the trailer, that shows just how much work went into creating the world in which our main character (Susan) lives.

We couldn't afford to do location scouting, nor could we afford to film beyond a single day, so everything had to be created from scratch from the footage filmed in front of a green screen.

This gave us the flexibility to play with the style, and look of the film, well after the filming. Without having to worry about actual locations, we saved time, and the pain of logistics.

Surly this is no Avatar, but for all the limitations on the production, it's not bad. Everyone on the team should be proud of their work. I'm definitely thankful for the help each and everyone put in, to realize this morbid little vision of mine.

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