Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines 2011 Custom Mon Qee Albert Art Toy2r

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... not really.

What is love? Some say love burns with a passion, a burning desire. Others say love hurts, and making love work can be like a battle. If you're in love, and really feel the passion in your relationship, I hope you find this toy amusing. If you're broken hearted, newly dumped (dumper, or dumpee), or simply find relationships too difficult to make work, may this latest custom vinyl toy Qee brighten your day.

To celebrate the holiday of love, I decided to put together something of a Valentine's toy, an untraditional one at that. It's definitely not Cupid. I started out with the intention of making a very profound, epic, anti-Valentine's Day statement, but somewhere in the process, I guess I've created a V-DAY toy that celebrates, 'love' in general. Whether you're fighting for the love of your life, or fighting to make a relationship work, or simply feeling the pain after a break up, the toy is on the front line of the battle! In the end, I guess the work will speak for itself.

Happy Holiday! Share the greetings!

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