Monday, May 16, 2011

RELEASE AlbertArt Skelanimal Letterman Hound Qee Toy2r

Albert Art Skelanimal Qee Toy2r

LETTERMAN SKELANIMAL QEE - Giving a lesson in Badassery.


The time is NOW! My first ever mass production vinyl toy has arrived, and I'm uber excited to share with you all the news.

It has been a long time since my very first custom toy, created years ago, and now you can have an opportunity to own a piece of my work, at quite an affordable price. The limited edition production is very special, and will appear in various retail stores, along with other artists in the Skelanimal x Qee Artist Series 2.

The Letterman Hound, is a bully dog, who will take you lunch money!

Pricing and ordering details will be posted on my facebook fanpage, along with a chance to win FREE toys if you join the CONTEST! 

AVAILABLE NOW: 2.5 inch Qee TOY by AlbertArt x Skelanimals X Toy2R.

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