Monday, May 16, 2011

AlbertArt Skelanimal QEE CONTEST FREE TOYS


To celebrate the release of my first ever production line of toys, I'll be holding some fun contests on my facebook fanpage. Maybe some trivia, maybe some randomness, but either way, lots of fun, to try and win a brand spanking NEW, 2.5inch 'Letterman' Skelanimal Qee, designed by myself Albert Art. Expect some extra goodies thrown in too!

This is my way of thanking fans for all the support over the years, since I started out customizing toys.

So give it a shot, you might just win some hot 2.5inch Skelanimal Qee action!

JOIN the Fan Page for a chance to win!

Stay tuned to the fan page for details on how to ORDER your very own Letterman Skelanimal Qee. LIMITED AVAILABLE. All orders come signed, with an extra goodie thrown in. Payment via PAYPAL preferred.

Also, be sure to ask your local toy, and comic shops to carry TOY2R products, and Skelanimal Qee Artist Series 2! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into the designs of each toy, submitted by artists. Wholesale Orders at Apex Trading co.

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