Friday, September 17, 2010

PAX 2010 Dead Rising 2 Capcom Event Greene's Hardware

CAPCOM DEAD RISING 2 PAX PARTY - Zombie killing event, minus actual zombies!

Capcom rented out a studio space during the Penny Arcade Expo, and transformed it into 'Greene's Hardware' an event to promote the upcoming title, Dead Rising 2. Gamers were treated to demo kiosks, and free pizza and soda, but the highlight of the night was the selection of 'hardware' on hand for attendees to handle.

From hammers, and batons, to samurai swords, gamers celebrated the popular videogame with a real hands-on experience. Unfortunately, there were no zombies to slice and/or impale outside of the videogame.

Dead Rising 2 was developed by Vancouver-based studio Blue Castle Games, which Capcom has recently purchased. The expansion has been referred to Capcom Games Studio Vancouver.

Now you can only expect a flood of resumes being sent to the studio, with would-be employees hoping to work on some popular Capcom properties.

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