Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Penny Arcade Expo 2010 Timelape Kinect Gears of War

PAX 2010, a partial time-lapse.

Another expo has come and gone, leaving attendees exhausted from all the fun, but eager for what awaits in next year's expo. With the weekend long event now over, looking back at some of the sights and sounds of PAX is a good way to get all excited once again, and if you've never been to PAX perhaps these wonderful images would convince you to attend in 2011.

I wanted to make a video that captured the hustle and bustle of the Penny Arcade Expo, and what better way to do so than with a time-lapse. I figured since the majority of the time, gamers at PAX are either waiting in lines, or sitting on beanbags, the best time to film PAX would be as attendees enter the building.

And speaking of lines, I've been to all sorts of conventions, from E3, TGS, GDC to SDCC, and I think PAX has hit the point where the Expo floor, has become just like any other convention. Waiting in lines certainly feels that way. Lots of waiting, and waiting.

But don't let my mention of long expo lines dissuade you from attending the Penny Arcade Expo. The convention is filled with a multitude of things to do, see, and play, the Expo floor, is merely an aspect of the craziness. I may not have gotten to everything I wanted to film, but this should be enough.

The video above is actually a partial time-lapse, in addition to regular speed footage of random gaming, from Kinect, to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, even a Tetris Tourney, as well as a PAX party at the tail end.

Who knows, you might appear in the video and not even know it!


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