Monday, September 13, 2010

SeanBad at PAX. Watch in HD!


It was only a matter of time before the Penny Arcade Expo, gave music fans an alternative to the headlining musical acts at the popular gamer convention. Though these artists may not grace the main concert stage with the likes of Jonathan Coulton, Protomen, or Anamanaguchi, the electronic beats, and nostalgic sounds of classic gaming, performed by a single person armed with a Nintendo Game Boy, is certainly a musical experience not to be missed.

It seems like only last year that chiptune artists were outsiders to the PAX masses, playing impromptu performances on the steps of the Washington State Convention Center, denied entry maybe, but surrounded by curious onlookers as they jammed to 8-bit sounds. Maybe there wasn't enough interest in electronic dance music in the past, to accommodate these musicians inside the expo, but oh how things have changed.

Certainly, for a chiptune DJ, there is no 5-piece band to fill up a stage, nor geek laden rap lyrics, or folk rock music for the audience to sing along to. However, this year is an entirely different story for chiptune music at PAX Prime, thanks to Jamspace, a venue for anyone who plays an instrument to perform, and MAGfest Music, and Gaming Festival, bringing together such a great group of musicians.

Now PAX goers can get their electro chiptune fix, with lots of flashing lights in a dance party environment. The great thing about Jamspace is that you can walk into the room at any time of the day during the convention and hear some great music. I didn't know what to expect when I first entered the room, but an artist by the name of SeanBad was rocking the crowd.

I made this video from footage taken the day SeanBad performed. It features the track 'Kiwis,' a remix of the Live Animal track.

Keep your eyes and ears on SeanBad, he could play at Blipfest one day alongside Nullsleep, Bitshifter, and the other 8bitpeoples.

PAX 2010 - 'Kiwis' - (SeanBad Remix) Jamspace MAGFest (HD) from Albert Art on Vimeo.

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