Sunday, September 19, 2010

Twin Peaks: Twede's Cafe - Double-R-Diner

A Visit to Twin Peaks - Twede's Cafe, aka 'Double R Diner'.

After the hectic weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo, some friends and I decided it would be fun to travel to North Bend, WA to see some locations that were used in the cult TV show, Twin Peaks.

We decided to grab some lunch at Twede's Cafe, (also know as Double R Diner in the show), or simply the 'Twin Peaks' cafe. I had the Twin Peaks Burger, which was piled high with bacon, cheese, and beef patty. While the others ordered something equally as excessive. Oh, and not to mention the ridiculous amount of fries. We found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of food.

Twede's is also home to the Twin Peaks cherry pie, which we could barely finish after eating our entrees. This Cherry Pie is a Miracle.

The small town eatery has had a long history, which includes a fire, which damaged the original interior of the restaurant. Despite the post-fire reconstruction, and Tweety Bird theme, the layout is very similar to what is seen in the show, albeit a lot more crowded at lunch time. This is also the same diner depicted in the videogame Alan Wake, Oh Deer Diner.

Near the back of the restaurant, a wall of Twin Peaks memorabilia, newspaper clippings, and autographed photos, line the way to the bathroom. A collection of stuff that any Twin Peaks fan would be interested in.

The diner is the first destination, of several locations in the North Bend area, used in Twin Peaks, and is part of a 'Twin Peaks tour.' Maps are provided at the diner to those who ask. This is definitely a great little piece of film/tv history worth checking out.

I was feeling very sick that day, from all the partying during the PAX weekend, that I had a hard time enjoying the road trip. Maybe I'll make a return trip in the future.

The blog In Twin Peaks, has a fantastic comparision of set locations.

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