Saturday, August 09, 2008

Concert Angels and Airwaves Commodore Ballroom Vancouver
Continuing their mission to spread inspirational alternative space rock to the masses.

When I first heard "The Adventure" from the debut album of Angels & Airwaves We Don't Need to Whisper several years ago, my interest was peaked by this strange and new direction Tom DeLonge was taking after the indefinite hiatus of Blink 182. It didn't sound at all like Blink 182 in the traditional sense, but it sounded like a matured version of Box Car Racer that went through a cinematic filter of science fiction and War dramas. The themes of love, war, and overcoming pain are apparent in the music, along with DeLonge's trademark voice, defining what the concept behind Angels & Airwaves is -- inspirational music that wants to make you feel like you're "flying," with a marching beat of entering into battle, to spread peace. Whatever happened in DeLonge's life to make him create anthems for the downtrodden and those struggling in their youth, has clearly shaped Angels & Airwaves. And with their second LP I-Empire, their sound has become tighter.

I wonder if he was appointed by God?

DeLonge is no longer about the punk pop of Southern California. No, that was so 90's. Those who prefer to dwell on the past Blink 182 image, probably won't like Angels & Airwaves. You don't have to look far to see the flurry of negative comments directed to the band either on youtube or myspace. If you're a fan of Delonge, and want to hear an artist mature, and experiment with a new sound, then this band offers something you might like.

After canceling a performance in March and rescheduling it for August here in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom, I finally had a chance to see them live. The combination of Kanye's Glow in the Dark tour inspired light show, with the type of music that Angels performed created an absorbing atmosphere for a live performance. It was entertaining, and amazing to hear live, the audience was transported to a place where Angels & Airwaves was not so much the name of a band, but a feeling, and mindset.

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Jay said...

Thanks for the videos!

Do they allow you to take photos and shoot videos at the Commodore? I hope they don't mind because I'll be there next month for the show.