Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Concert: M.I.A Rocks Vancouver @ The Commodore
M.I.A. All the Way

Waiting in the cold outside the Commodore Ballroom, was a small sacrifice for concert goers, as they were about to be warmed up by the intense sounds of M.I.A.

Tuesday night was the first of two packed sold out shows in Vancouver, featuring the underground phenomena M.I.A. with opening act The Cool kids. M.I.A. delivered an incredible high energy performance that was a true testament to the hype that surrounds her in the music scene. To put it simply, M.I.A. rocked. Her music is addictive, and being it was performed live with phenomenal showmanship -- the audience singing and dancing to every song from the moment she stepped out on stage -- it was clear M.I.A. is not only huge in the UK, but in Canada as well.

The concert started off late, being that The Cool Kids were held up at Customs. During that time, Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen were blasting on the speakers in the theme of UK musicians, being that M.I.A. is from London. After the Cool Kids played their short set, we were greeted by a speech by Kouichi Toyama, the political activist, and youtube star. Placed into context with an M.I.A. concert added that extra bit of counter culture.

As one concert goer put it "Tight ass, Spandexy legs" when referring to M.I.A. as she rode the crowd. "We almost dropped her, the security guard had to help her back up on stage."

During one song she invited people to come on stage and dance with her. Of course, this made the crowd go wild (even more then they already were) and being that I was near the front, I was constantly being pushed, shoved, and crushed between bodies. I survived to bring you all these pictures! One guy kept waving a Tamil Tigers flag, yet you could tell that M.I.A. didn't want it overshadowing her performance, and the overall positive mood.

Overall the show was amazing. The crowd was wild the entire time. It was an unforgettable show! Check out M.I.A. on

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