Saturday, November 17, 2007

Early Rock Band purchase and "Ink Blogging" on iDorkas

iDorkas, a friend of The Rez has recently debuted on the local blogspot circuit. But unlike other blogs featured on the internet, iDorkas is part of a unique breed of blogger, trading in the impersonal computerized type, for the handwritten aesthetic of a tablet pen, bringing a personal touch to the online world. With the technology available with Wacom tablets, Tablet PC's, and vector software, artists have benefited from the use of the pen, and now bloggers are taking advantage of it. Could this be a revolution against the all too perfect computer type?

I doubt you'll be seeing Albert Art, using "ink blogging" anytime soon, my penmanship is pretty bad... but it's a fantastic idea.

On a side note, iDorkas recently got his hands on a copy of Rock Band before it was even on sale. Nice nab, and nice pics! Rock Band is looking fantastic. (I never did get a chance to play it at the Penny Arcade Expo this year because of the massive lineup, which sort of reminded me of the lineup at E306 for the Nintendo Wii.) I think the combination of singing, drumming, and guitars is awesome, even though it's been done before in the arcade with the Bemani series of Drum Mania, and Guitar Freaks by Konami. Rock Band brings western appeal to the rhythm based gaming even more so than Guitar Hero.

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