Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Ting Tings Vancouver Plaza Club
The Ting Tings - More than an Apple iPod commerical

The coveted Apple ipod commercial never hurt anyone especially Musicians. It definitely put Feist on the map in the USA after having already been an established artist for many years in Canada and Europe. The '1,2,3,4' campaign worked out incredibly well, though you can't say the same for Yael Naim whose track 'New Soul' graced ads for the Mac Air, or for Orba Squara whose song 'Perfect Timing' played in iPhone ads. These artists weren't really rocketed into the spotlight of popular music... And then there were The Ting Tings, and the 'Shut Up and Let me Go' iPod commercial.

Described on their myspace page as Alternative Melodramatic British Pop music, The Ting Tings Jules de Martino and Katie White, rocked out at the Plaza Club last night here in Vancouver -- their first show in Canada -- and proved that they are more than the soundtrack to an iPod commercial. Their sound is fun, their songs are quite catchy, and their energetic performance resonated with the packed audience. Though the show which included an opening act by Anni Rossi was quite short -- The entire show was barely an hour and a half -- The Ting Tings left fans wanting more.

More The Ting Tings video on http://www.youtube.com/rez2cool

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