Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Assassin's Creed, dull, but pretty. Dead Rising a bloody good time.

After beating GTA IV, which game can fill the void?

Because like other gamers out there, getting a PS3 solely for MGS4 is out of the question... for now at least.

So since finishing GTA IV, I've been looking for another sandbox free roaming action adventure game for my 360 to fill the void that GTA pretty much cratered into my life. I've had Assassin's Creed for a long time now, but I've never really been motivated to really finish it. I find the game extremely monotonous... but it looks good! Because of this lack of interest in the game, I decided to pick up a copy of Dead Rising, over at the EB in Metrotown Mall. Rather then go off on how I despise retailers, their service, attitudes, and lineups, I think I'll just stick to talking about Dead Rising. This game is great! Aside from the awkward shooting mechanics, lack of autosave, stupid ass AI (for none Zombie Characters), and constant loading, among other things, Dead Rising is as essential to a gamer's collection, as campy zombie films are to a horror fans movie collection.

No this isn't your average Resident Evil, or Silent Hill game, Dead Rising isn't as serious (or as self-conscious), taking inspiration from the works of filmmaker George Romero (Dawn of the Dead), it's a fun take on the zombie killing genre in a familiar western setting: a small town shopping mall. Though developed in Japan, the game feels for the most part very North American, and targeted to western gamers, as opposed to a Japanese made game set in America, that caters to a Japanese demographic, but comes off as a strange hybrid western/Asian feel, that's not very convincing to western players. If that makes any sense.

I'm sure both Assassin's Creed and Dead Rising, don't come anywhere near the excitement surrounding a Kojima production, but I really should play the games that I've purchased. It's too bad that Kojima never "jumped in" to the 360 with MGS4. If it (MGS4) ever does appear on the 360, I'll play it.

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