Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening movie big disappointment

The Happening should have been advertised as a Comedy.

Before seeing "The Happening" a group of friends, and I decided to watch The Sixth Sense, in preparation for Shyamalan's much anticipated upcoming R-rated feature film. Though, in the end watching the Sixth Sense was a mistake, because it set us up into believing that "The Happening" would be Shyamalan's return to good movie-making form. Despite being aware of the early negative reviews of "The Happening", I went into the theater with somewhat good expectations. Yet, within the first few minutes of the movie, I knew that this was gonna be a stinker.

I couldn't help but laugh when the first scene of the movie, featured an Improv Everywhere-esque scenario. If you've ever seen Improv Everywhere, this scene is what it reminded me of, and it happens throughout the film, which made the movie if anything quite funny. Wow, a toxin that makes people freeze, and then kill themselves. Those improv actors!

I think it's about time for someone to start a Petition to end the film-making career of Shyamalan.

Rather then waste my breath on writing anymore about the movie. I think this review said it best.

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TheAstroCreep said...

If you start up that petition Albert, I'll sign it. I was expecting much much more from The Happening.