Friday, June 06, 2008

Announcing Albert Art in Custom MUNNY Vinyl Toy Show Vancouver June 26

Save the date.

Out of over 100 artists, 30 local artists were chosen to participate in Voltage's Custom MUNNY show set for June 26th at the Modern in Gastown. Surprisingly I was one of the artists chosen to show off their skills!

I've been working on an original design, that hopefully stands out from the rest. Hopefully? More like, definitely. That's right, I'm doing away with the videogame themed toys for now. I'm gonna deliver something awesome, that's as quirky as me. LOL

As much as I don't want to sell this toy, I'm planning on selling the one-of-a-kind hand crafted custom, but it won't be wal-mart cheap, in fact it'll be valued appropriately to the cost of the time and materials producing it. We'll see what happens, but this toy show is known for having international buyers shelling out the cash.

If you're in town, it's gonna be a party, especially since I'm in the SHOW!

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Boo! said...

esta muy bueno lo que haces!!!


;B oo!