Monday, April 23, 2012

Albert Art Fan Expo Vancouver 2012 Recap


The first ever Fan Expo in Vancouver, went off with a bang, that included a large turnout of convention goers, many of whom have probably never been to a convention of this size before.

Vancouver has had for many years small scale cons, for anime fans, and gatherings for comicbook people, but none like Fan Expo originally from Toronto. The Vancouver-spin-off proved popular, enough to bring back next year, at a much larger scale.

As an artist showcasing in the Artist Alley, I didn't know what to expect, but was surprised to see the event packed with people.

Beth Wagner and veteran illustrator/storyboard artist Craig Wilson were my artist alley neighbours for the weekend, which made my time there pretty entertaining. 

I had a chance to introduce many con goers to my vinyl custom toys, and Homeless Quatchi made some new friends!

Check out the pics below, and on Google Plus and Facebook.

(I will be at Vancouver Comic Con, Heritage Hall Main st. May 13.)

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