Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NPR First Listen Santigold Master Of My Make-Believe

SANTIGOLD 'Master Of My Make-Believe'

NPR Music rocks! They always seem to get the exclusive album streams, and the latest Santigold is no exception.

'Master Of My Make-Believe' is an excellent album filled with a tribal production sound reminiscent of Lykke's Wounded Rhymes, but entirely Santigold.

Though while the whole album flows together nicely, with all the tracks offering catchy beats for the party people, it's the slower tracks that stand out to me.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Go! - Kicking off the album with some conviction, this track is one of those marching anthems that makes me wanna hop around repeating 'Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey'

Disparate Youth - The opening to this song kills me! Turn it up.

Fame - This is a party beat, one that starts off sounding a bit like an M.I.A. track.
Freak Like Me - Party track.

This Isn't Our Parade - this is an interesting track, that has a slight almost synth/chiptune vibe behind the tribal beats and vocals. I like. 

Riot's Gone - This track is so chill. Good cruising song. Like the previous track, this is a slowed down beat but with the thumping of drums. Very cool. I would love to see a live drum line version of this song.

Keeper - Picks up the pace with a catchy hook.

Big Mouth - Party track.

Listen to the First Listen!

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