Monday, February 27, 2012

HEXAGON videogame score punishing

Here's an interesting indie game, called Hexagon. The objective is to avoid walls that close in on you as the board rotates. Using the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard, your little player icon will rotate around the center.

The shape of the obstacles constantly changes, and you have to look for an opening before you get walled in.

The chiptune pulsing game is reminiscent of classic arcade gaming. Yet unlike games where the player receives power-ups, bonuses, and extra lives to add to their quest for the highest score, Hexagon is void of all those extras. It is a pretty unforgiving experience.

My first issue was handling the relatively minimal control. It seemed like this game would be best suited for a controller analog stick (or a spinner, if it were an arcade cabinet), or even mouse input where the user would have an accurate 360 rotation. The controls never seemed to be as accurate as I'd like.

The slightest contact with the barriers and you're gone. If this were a coin-op, I'd be beyond broke, with the many times I've died.

Here's my top score. I decided to quit after this because the game just got even more ridiculous.

If you're the type that likes the pain and torture of an utterly punishing experience, play Hexagon.

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