Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SSX Can you find Albert Art Snowboard?

Are you getting SSX?

Pssst, I have a snowboard design in #SSX . If you think you found it, post a pic, and I'll send you a free vinyl toy. The catch: the #snowboard is unnamed. You'll have to rely on your familiarity of the Albert #Art vinyl toy art #style to determine whether it is indeed my snowboard! Good luck! #videogames

This is a chance for those who purchase the videogame to win something extra.

*Note this contest is unrelated to EA, and is not sponsored by EA in anyway.

Offer is open to everyone with no limit on how many snowboards you can post. First person to post the correct snowboard, will win the toy. The contest will remain open until the winning board is posted. Use a camera, or screen capture.

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