Sunday, January 23, 2011


Custom Unison Lab T.H.U.G.! vinyl toy!

I'm finally getting around to painting more toys, kicking off 2011 with my first THUG custom vinyl from Unison Lab studio. The THUG platform was available at a local comic shop here in Vancouver(Metropolis Comics & Toys, Burnaby), so I didn't hesitate to buy it. I was pretty surprised to see that the toy was on sale here, in CANADA. I believe the toy platform originates from Chile while Unison Lab has a base in Miami.(I will be picking up more in the near future.)

The hand-painted design, was a concept I submitted to Unison Lab last year. It was featured in their THUG launch party. I made a few changes to the design as you can see when comparing the original template to the painted version.

THUG is one of my new favorite platforms. The design is unique, with a large head, featuring strange bulges on the top and bottom. The (4inch?) size is quite easy to handle and paint on, compared to other toys out there that are either really small 2.5inch or quite big 8inch. I am really digging the mid-size THUG.

The character started out as a fire fighter concept, but then it started to evolve into a deep sea diver meets DHARMA Initiative from LOST. The end result is a bathroom cleaner, a Janitor of sorts.

Here are some pics of the bathroom cleaner in the dirty bathtub, on duty!

Testing out the Fish-Eye feature on my Canon S95.

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