Thursday, January 20, 2011

BC Farmed Salmon Farming Environment


VANCOUVER - I started seeing some strange TV commercials lately, which were created to dispel any misinformation of farmed salmon to the public. And though the commercials don't directly deal with the salmon subject on screen, the TV spots (like the one above), play on the theme of 'Imagine if we believe everything we heard...' with a link to the site The site and youtube channel, go into more detail to clarify the importance of farmed salmon.

This campaign to raise awareness of farmed salmon, comes at a time when there is controversy around fish farming, and the endangerment of BC's natural Wild Pacific salmon. BC Salmon Facts, of course defends the salmon farming industry, using all means necessary to reach out and communicate their point of view. Yet, their view is only one side of the story.

From William Shatner, to First Nations groups, to activists and politicians, everyone has an opinion on the matter.

William Shatner Supports Bill for Wild Salmon
First Nations of BC's Broughton Archipelago - devastated by the impacts of salmon farms owned by Norwegian Companies
Fin Donelley press conference - wild salmon - part 1
Marine Fisheries Ecology Seamounts: Ecology, Fisheries and Conservation (Fish & Aquatic Resources)Moon British Columbia (Moon Handbooks)

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