Sunday, February 07, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics


Everyone seems to have something to say about the 2010 Winter Olympics in the host city of Vancouver, Canada. And whether those opinions are in favor of, or against the major sporting event, it is clear you just can't talk about Vancouver without mentioning the homeless issue in one way or another, despite the cities squeaky clean image depicted in numerous advertisements.

Vancouver isn't as saintly as some would think, and many tourists will realize this once they arrive in the city. All they have to do is take a walk through Chinatown/Gastown to see that despite all the efforts of the city to improve and revitalize the area, there are still many homeless. Building condos, and coffee shops to usher in hipsters an yuppies, doesn't really change jack.

Of course if I were designing an ad for tourism Canada, I wouldn't show the dark side of the city either, being counterproductive to the job of attracting tourism. Then again, you have to feel sorry for the tourists that will easily get lost in the seedy part of town, and not to mention being hassled by panhandlers all over Vancouver.

Truth be told Vancouver IS a fantastic place to live, work, and play. I love this town. There's lots to see and do, and the general vibe is that of a relaxed west coast feel, and the majority of things are pretty clean. But there is a clear contrast like any major city between those who prosper in times of change, and those who are left behind, in the mix of growth.

All the more relevant the last few years, since Vancouver was chosen as the 2010 home of the Winter Olympics, homelessness is a hot topic. Showing the world the types of issues Vancouver faces, could only be a benefit to the city in the long run.

Doing my part to share these issues with the world, I recently filmed a video in which I attempt to show Vancouver as it is currently, in 2010. Taking various shots from around the city, I cut it into a short piece that doesn't really force any issue, but rather leaves the viewer with something to think about.

Hopefully it is entertaining, and somewhat enlightening. Scored by an excellent composer from out of the Netherlands, Herman Witkam, the score is a combination of orchestral music, with clips of voice-over to create a unique sound you really have to hear.

Vancouver in 2010, enjoy.

Vancouver in 2010 from Albert Art on Vimeo.

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mixed_chocolate1012 said...


Wow that was exactly what I was looking for... Not just a video of Vancouver but the "Real Vancouver". If you decide to make another one add more night time cuts, cause the daytime is in a sense only half of Vancouver's personality.