Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mikes Transformers Toy Collection 2010 Update


It's been several years since I first filmed Mike's collection (back in 2007), so being that it's 2010, I figured, it would be a good time to get an update from him.

My timing couldn't have been more perfect. He recently moved in to his own place, (away from his parents), finally giving him a chance to take out all those Transformers to display around his new home. While unpacking boxes and boxes of Transformers, I took the opportunity to film him with my trusty Panasonic HVX. So, much better than that crappy Powershot video I took years ago.

Mike opened up about being a collector, as well, I got some cool shots of the toys, which he estimates at being numbered over 900+ individual toy figures.

He is definitely one of the rare few who manages to continue building on his collection, and is most likely one of a few major collectors in Vancouver.

If you compare both collections from 2007, up until now, it'll give you a good idea of how many Transformers he actually has.

The original 2007 posting and videos can be viewed via the following links:

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The 2010 video interview can be seen on my vimeo page, as well as

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