Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming up, Penny Arcade Expo 2009

Heyyoooo, Penny Arcade Expooooo!

It's that time of the year again, when you reemerge from the shadows of your cavernous bedroom, ready to take on the competition in the presence of your fellow gamers at the Penny Arcade Expo. You've been tuning your skills at Rockband, perfected combos in Street Fighter IV, tightened your stacking abilities with Tetris DS, and trained your trigger finger for brutal accuracy... Some you may have been counting the days to this event since the last expo concluded, last summer, and if you weren't, the Ticker has been serving as a reminder of the impending festival. It's safe to say you can rejoice, for the time you will be reunited with your fellow nerds is right around the corner.

It's been many years since my very first PAX in 2005, but my enthusism has never died down. I'm always anticipating the event, just to see how much it has grown, changed, and how much it has remained the same. Each year at PAX brings new memories, friends, and random little things that make meeting up with the nerdcrew, all the more entertaining.

Despite having been to the massively popular San Diego Comic-Con, the much exoticzed Tokyo Game Show, Game Developers Conference, as well as E3 back in the day, PAX remains a smaller approachable event, in comparision to those other shows, even though it grows each year in turn-out, the attitude I hope, is still all about the gamer, and the community.

Provided for attendees is a venue where it's totally okay to lounge around and play games, all day, into the night. If you've always been curious about PAX, and are on the fence about going, there are many blogging gamers out there, who have documented their experiences at the expo. Like,,,, and of course me

Will be tweeting the event on all 3 days Sept 4-6th. -- beginning with the always fun Labor Day weekend road trip.

Eff yeeeah! :p

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