Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Japanophiles, this video is for you!

Oh the hilarity!

Do read manga, watch anime, and play videogames? Do you stay up to date on all the latest J-pop and J-Cinema in hopes of one day moving to Japan to teach English, settle down with a Japanese girlfriend who can barely speak English, and hope to eventually have children named after manga characters? All the while resenting your home country for not accepting you, because you were too much an outcast in your own town?

Well, if you answered YES! to those questions, then this video is your you! While scouring the internet for educational information on ADHD, I not only found this guys personal story about having the condition, but also, his hilarious take Japanese language 101.

All the stereotypical Japanese anime, school-girl mannerisms intact, plus off-synced dubbing like a samurai flick, this video had me crackin' up pretty bad. It's really well done.

It also goes to show that if you're an obsessed Japanophile, you can still poke fun at yourself, rather than getting all sensitive.

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