Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crushing dreams, still trying to be a game designer?

The truth, crushes.

I had an interested conversation with someone on Twitter today. This person was interested in changing his occupation, from doing something mundane, for the incredible world of being a game designer! I immediately sent them a link to Westwood College's very infamous commercial...

Along with the link to the hilariously inaccurate depiction of being a Game Designer, I told them they shouldn't fall for the money hungry factories churning out Gamestop/Best Buy's future employees. More often than not, you will NOT be working as a game designer fresh out of school. Get over it.

Shortly after, I found this article Student Illusions About Being a Game Designer, via GameCareerGuide. As I read it, I could hear the screams of dreams being crushed. LOL. So I sent a link to this person.

Yet, they were still adamant that they wanted to be a game designer. I could tell they didn't really understand what they wanted, or what a game designer was, so I stopped trying to get my point across.

Some people are just so stuck in their own mindset, that paying a ridiculous amount of tuition for a one year school program, seems like a golden ticket to their instant dream job. When in reality, I'll be seeing them at the cashier at my local Gamestop.

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