Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Albert Art Custom Touma Bonga Konga Convex Mutan vinyl toy

Tokyo toys, Bonga Konga, Mutan, customized by Albert Art.

Touma's Bonga Konga!

I'm always on the look out for new and interesting vinyl toy platforms from local and international artists to customize. Some toys however don't have a DIY platform available for easy customization, but that doesn't stop me from seizing the opportunity to make something unique.

Case in point, Touma's Bonga Konga, which was given to me as a gift for the Holiday's sent directly from Tokyo from a friend, with the intention that I would customize the sucker. And so I did, as you can see, in the same theme as my Custom Smorkin' Labbit toy, I did earlier in the year.

The Bonga Konga itself originally had a very limited release I believe, around 500.

I had a lot of fun customizing this toy because of it's really exaggerated and cartoony shape. Hard to believe it can stand up on two feet, and it's poseable given it's heavy design! After customizing this toy, I seriously want to get my hands on another Bonga Konga to try another design on it. Overall, it's a very cool toy to work with.

Convex Astro Mutan!

Another platform that is not often seen in North America, is the Convex MUTAN toy from the cool folks at Secret Base in Harajuku. I picked up several of these during my Tokyo Trip, and will be customizing them throughout the year. This one does come in a DIY series, originally all black.

Both these toys were made for the "Into the Darkness" show happening in San Francisco June 5th at First Amendment Gallery @ 1000 Howard Street. OPENING AT 6PM!!!They will be on display along with my Custom Munny Ness.

Do these toys go with the theme of the show? Of course they do. I didn't want to go with the usual things that people think of, unlike your typical 'Darkness' like Halloween characters or something. The darkness in these toys isn't ghouls, ghosts, goblins, guts, or gore, but rather, it's all in the attitude.

If you're in San Francisco, definitely stop by the show. If you take pictures of my toys, add them to the facebook page, or send me a link so I can post them here!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Al! Wish I were still in SF -- I'd totally love to check out that show!

Albert Art said...

Thanks Jenn! I wish I could be there too! I would have loved to check out the work of the other artists. Hopefully some 1UP friends can go for me. At least now I know somebody in Chicago, and if ever I find myself in that city (to visit rotofugi) I'll know who to call! BTW Is the first amendment gallery near 1ups office or your old apt? Howard street?