Sunday, January 18, 2009

Albert Art Custom Smorkin Labbit Vinyl Toy

I took a dump on Kozik, and I like the shit that came out.

8x8 Acrylic on Wood.

Say hello to 'Prison B*tch: 1, 2 and Poo'

I'm kicking off 2009 with a pair of Jailbirds, and their piece-of-shit turd for a friend. What a way to start the year! Painting on a Kidrobot Smorkin' Labbit (Dark Purple Edition 10-Inch), and Kidrobot Munny I couldn't resist creating such an odd trio of toys, and I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Washing the toy, with a scrub pad. Always important when preparing to paint a custom.

I've always wanted to do a Smorkin' Labbit, but Kidrobot to my knowledge doesn't make a DIY Labbit, like the popular DIY Munnys, so I decided to go ahead and buy one (the new dark purple one ), only to make it my own.

The 'Prison B*tch' concept was pretty much a placeholder name while I was sketching out the toys, and I couldn't really think of any name that made me laugh equally as much as simply calling them 'Prison Bitch', and grouping them all under that title. So I stuck with it. I numbered them like Prisoners - #1 (Labbit), #2 (Munny) and Poo (the pink turd). They are pretty self-explanatory, with no philosophical meaning to them. They are what they are, prison breaking, turd loving creatures.I just wanted to make something fun, and I hope you guys like them too.

I also always felt like with such a nice sculpt as the Smorkin' Labbit is, the original Kozik design itself was a bit too minimal for my taste. Which made me even more excited to paint over it. No offense to Labbit fans out there, but if people are paying a pretty penny for designer vinyl, then I think the toy should look a little more intricate and well... look worth the money.

I liked working with the Labbit. It's pretty large, but there's lots of space to work with as compared to your typical Munny.

Like my previous customs, I like putting hair on my toys. Black hair with the blue highlight seems to be a staple on the toys I've been doing. The toys always look better to me when they have the 'Albert Art hair'. They just look so much more complete with hair.

Overall it took about a week to get these toys done. I'd love to get these toys on display in another art show. They're so much cooler in person, that these pictures don't do them justice.

On a final note, I went ahead and made myself a facebook fanpage, to help gauge the interest in my work. If you're loving it, or hating it, I'd like to know!

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