Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pacquiao - Hatton 24/7: Episode 1 (HBO)

I'm totally stoked for this boxing match going down May 2nd. Pacquaio is gonna clobber the ol'timer Hatton and is gonna do to him, what he did to De la Hoya, that is, make him retire.

Sports related docs/shorts/mini-movies have always been amped on the drama of the athletes depicted, and HBO's 24/7 is no exception. This episode in particular is the first of several leading up to the fight, following the training of both boxers. Not only does 24/7 have some really good production values akin to a slick music video, but I'm actually learning more about the fighters as people, and it's getting me fired up to watch the fight. I guess the program is doing exactly what's it was made for. Haha.

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