Sunday, April 05, 2009

Albert Art Recession Sale Art and Toys

Albert Art Recession Art painting and toys
Custom Munny for Jen from Vancouver, BC

New art
Unlike, other toy artists out there who come from a graffiti art, or tattoo design background, where elaborate line work on toys, is their forté, I prefer to stick to what I enjoy doing most, and that's coming up with characters that look like they could exist in the world of cartoony animation. I've never been one to provide intricate detailing on any art that I do, and I think my natural tendency as an artist when cartooning and sketching for toys is, simplicity.
With this character in particular, I was thinking of older cartoons, like Felix the Cat, and Mickey Mouse, and since I've never created a female character on a custom toy before, I figured now was a good time. I started out with a monkey-pirate character design in mind, but then as I progressed, the toy started looking more like a Mime, a circus clown, or some carnival girl. Up until now, I still don't know what it is, so I just called it "Misho" pronounced 'Mee-Sho', a play on Jen's online alias.
The toy was commissioned for my recession surprise art sale.

I did this painting of Princess Toadstool for another recession art commission. It's an acrylic painting on an 8x8 wood panel. I wanted to do a trippy mushroom kingdom, Alice in Wonderland motif.

Well excuuuuse me, Princess! You should try to lay off the shrooms.

Painting for Tony from the Bay Area.

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