Monday, March 02, 2009

VBS Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, plus Cute animals, and more.

Gimme Gimme MORE!

I like VBS. I really do. The Imbalu circumcision traumatized me like you wouldn't believe, and Alarma!'s photography of Mexico's crime victims traumatized me even more. I've never seen human parts displayed in such a manner, and come to think of it, I've never seen real crime scene photography outside of the sterilized crime dramas on TV. That is, until VBS shoved it in my face. And I couldn't stop watching, my eyes unable to look away. That's the thing with VBS content, whether it is the subject matter, or the catchy opening music for each segment, I find myself unable to turn away from the screen. (With regards to the Imbalu circumcision, I turned away only to look back, my eyes squinted to blur out the graphic nature somewhat unsuccessfully).

Somewhere between the shocking imagery, informative tidbits, or risky adventures of the talking-head correspondents like Shane Smith and co., VBS has a formula, one that is an irresistible formula, eye-opening and so damn good. They've shown me that there is more to surfing online, than just pr0n! LOL J/K, or am I?

Though I am convinced that there is no possible way that can keep up with my insatiable appetite for online video, and it disappoints me to see that they don't update very often.

Unlike other sites out there, VBS doesn't upload content on a daily basis, in fact much of their stuff has been sitting around since 2007, recycled for daily viewing. It is understandable though, the places they go, the people they see, the stories they document, it takes a lot of time to put together, which is reflected in their videos. Its hard work. I never really got into reading Vice either, since I'd personally rather watch videos instead of reading, but VBS has rekindled my interest in reading Vice, of all things.

I first discovered VBS when searching for interviews with M.I.A. I found Spike Jonze's (awesome director, and VBS creative director) interview with the Srilankan rapper and from there, I kept clicking around the site.

I think what also makes VBS entertaining, is the fact that they send white boys dressed in American Apparel to travel the globe to places where fashion is not a concern, and in combination with their skin color, and western appearance, definitely grabs attention, making them stick out like sore thumbs. And yet they get the job done, with the help of interpreters of course.

You'd have to wonder if these people in Africa, or Afghanistan, or Korea, or Japan would react differently if they weren't interviewed by a white person. (Are the stories of those interviewed exaggerated, because a foreigner is interviewing them?) Heh, putting political correctness aside, I can't help but think that sometimes VBS is like the suburban stoner college kids form of educating themselves about global affairs through the point of view of a 'drug' research trip. White boys looking for Moonshine in the American south, to Bolivia for coca leaves, and in Columbia for Devil's Breath. It's like what college kids do on Spring Break. Target demographic?

Not to bash any of the hard working folks who travel the globe, and who report their adventures, but there's something really 'college humor'd' about the content, and it's intended audience. There's just something funny about watching foreigners in another land. Whiteboys eating No.5 soup and riding Jeepneys in the Philippines, Whiteboys testing out bulletproof clothing in Columbia, Whiteboys fucking Japanese love dolls(Shane is hilarious!), Whiteboys watching Columbian's screw donkeys. This is the type of stuff you show your friends on the living-room TV, on the Nintendo Wii, while drunk or getting stoned.

VBS is not all about drugs though, music, culture, life, and interviews with artists, photographers, and their nude/semi-nude models is a good way to spend time on VBS. So is learning history through watching Drunk History, and watching The Cute Show. You can also freak yourself out by watching True Norwegian Black Metal.

There are somethings on VBS I could careless for, which goes back to my 'Whiteboy' observation. School of Surf. Nuff said.

Truly VBS has content for everyone.

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