Thursday, February 26, 2009

Richard Garriott Ultima Creator Web doc
An introduction to Motherboard.

Dell Lounge and Vice make Motherboard. Together they present a series of shorts on tech culture, Richard Garriott, and more. and Dell Lounge have put together a web documentary series called Motherboard, that highlights interesting bits of technology and the culture that surrounds it, in the form of streaming web-documentaries, from the 'Donk' music scene in England, to highlighting Richard Garriott of Ultima videogame fame, to name a few.

I'm a huge fan of VBS, and dig the eye-opening, often times shocking and hilarious but informative content they work so hard to deliver online, so their foray of more tech-centric video, collaborating with Dell is a pretty great idea. Pretty awesome actually.

I also had no idea that Dell had created Dell Lounge (currently in Beta), which features stuff on music, art, style, and technology with streaming video in a casual blog-esque presentation aimed at the hipster tech/music/art/style demographic. I have to admit it has peaked my interest, and I'll be tuning in to see what else they upload. I can definitely see what their intention is with Dell Lounge, focusing on the 'lifestyle' branding of Dell, beyond it's computer and electronics roots. It is all about consuming the lifestyle from the wrist watches to the music, to the design of your laptop casing. Seems like everyone is selling a lifestyle these days even given the ratty economic times. It's not enough to just own a laptop, but you have to be a certain type of person now. Which makes me think of Mac, and Mac owners. The Apple brand = Apple lifestyle. The Sony brand = Sony lifestyle. I don't own a dell, or a Mac. I'm currently an HP laptop owner, because IT WAS ON SALE.

In any case, interesting video content will keep me coming back. Dell and VBS have my attention.

Watch Richard Garriott's docs here.

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