Thursday, January 08, 2009

Changes Electronic Gaming Monthly 1UP UGO

Cha-cha-cha changes. Gone EGM, 1UP surviving?

This week has seen the death of Electronic Gaming Monthly -- the long time print publication for videogames which many gamers have followed since first being able to pick up a remote controller. The sale of the 1UP Network by Ziff Davis Game Group, to Hearst Corporations UGO Entertainment, has not only caused the discontinuation of the magazine, but has also let go many of it's staff involved with EGM and

1UP, a site which I first started blogging on 4 years ago, and where I first got my start as a freelance writer, has been a place where gamers could express their thoughts on gaming, the culture, and whatever ramblings they might have on their minds. This in addition to the personalities of the staff, their reviews, previews, insightful features, and original content, such as online shows, and strategy guides driven by the community, gave many gamers a sense of community, and involvement.

With recent events, is no longer the same.

Though this isn't an obituary, the future of the site remains unclear, at least for now. Will and remain separate, or will they merge? Will be phased out? Will the social networking aspect of the site remain intact?

All this remains to be seen, but for now, going back to blogging on seems awkward.

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