Friday, January 09, 2009

Freezepop featured on NPR Music

Freezepop gets the spotlight on NPR.

Freezepop, the Boston-based Synth-band known for catchy retro-futuristic music appearing in videogames like Amplitude, and most notably Guitar Hero II, has been a band on the rise with a large following of gamers who have embraced their music. What better way to play up their growing status than with a plug on NPR.

Featured in a short interview in NPR's All Things Considered section.

They play shows at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle to packed crowds of gamers at the 3 day geek convention. I've been lucky enough to have seen their live show at PAX twice, and they always bring such awesome energy to the crowd. If it wasn't for PAX I probably would have never discovered the band.

They recently released new music on 'form activity motion' EP with Frontload remixes. Congrats on your success Freezepop, and it the cool music coming!

All I gotta say is, "Less Talk More Rokk".

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