Monday, December 08, 2008

Manny Pacquiao defeats Oscar De La Hoya Fight impressions

Couldn't be any happier. A happy fan, and a proud Filipino.

I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge the awesomeness of Saturdays fight. I couldn't be any happier with the outcome of the Pacquiao/De La Hoya fight on Saturday. Amid all the naysayers, and doubters who believed that Manny did not have it in him to beat the much more experienced Oscar De La Hoya, I stood my ground along with the countless other Filipinos anticipating this fight.

When the bell rang, and the fight began, Pacquiao's quick footwork, dodging, and punches to Oscar's face proved early on in the 12 rounds that the advantage was in Manny's favor. With each round, the 'Pacman' would step up his game, leaving De La Hoya looking for an opening. Would De La Hoya surprise Manny and strike back even harder? He surprised us alright, just not the way people expected.

Saturday night watching the fight at Library Square Pub was an awesome experience. Lots of Pacquiao fans were in attendance, but the place was no surprise divided with fans of the opposing fighter. Soon though, these Oscar fans were silenced, as Manny dominated, destroying De La Hoya with hits to the face, and combos to the body. Before the ninth round, Oscar gives up, with a busted face, and the lack of desire to continue. The pub went wild. The Golden Boy gave up.

Sure he was taller, had a longer reach, and much more experience under his belt, but that didn't mean a more eager fighter couldn't compete. Compete he did, and he won. Freddie Roach trained the Pacman well.

I totally predicted this win.

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