Monday, December 08, 2008

Mario Brothers Air Fresheners from Hong Kong

Mario Bros. Air Fresheners are cool, despite their aroma of being unofficial, un-Nintendo.

So the car has been smelling kinda bunk lately. Smells like a combination of stale air, and stale ass. I've been meaning to buy air freshener for a while now, but I didn't want to settle for the typical boring ones shaped like a pine tree or something equally as lame, from the store. So I googled videogame themed air fresheners, and found a few videos about these Mario bros. Air Fresheners on youtube, as well the site to where you can buy them.

Pretty geeky, I just had to have them, though 'DealExtreme' sounded kinda generic, and unsafe. Based in Hong Kong, you just know that these deals are so extreme, that some of what they're selling is fake, if not stolen, or defective. There have been complaints that you'd expect, but that didn't stop me from ordering the Mario Brothers Air Fresheners. With evidence of others out there who bought them, it seemed safe enough to get.

Within 2 weeks, I get them in the mail. They're cool, and smell like soap, but they are definitely not officially Nintendo products, nor is Luigi officially Luigi. The Luigi air freshener is basically a Mario air freshener colored to look like Luigi, and with an 'L' on his hat, clearly covering up the engraved 'M'. Pretty ghetto Hong Kong style, I quickly changed my facebook/twitter status to let everyone know. even the packaging is stolen from the Tomy Bobble Head Sunshine Buddies...

Even though I like these air fresheners, DealExtreme is avoidable. I'm never gonna buy from this place again, and neither should you, especially if you decide to buy something more expensive than air fresheners. If ever I go to Hong Kong, I want to seek out this place to see how shady it is.

Maybe I should get this to make up for the fakeness of DealExtreme.

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