Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mexecutioner Manny Pacquaio Oscar De La Hoya Boxing match of the year


I'm totally stoked for the upcoming boxing match between the Pacman, and Hoya Dec 6th. It's something that's exciting on so many levels, getting fans of both fighters -- many of whom are of Filipino and Mexican backgrounds -- all fired up for the competition. Though this shouldn't be a battle that's boiled down to something that's as absurd as racial 'superiority', this is a fight about the fighters skills, abilities, and strategy. Yet, it's hard not to feel a little overwhelmed with pride for the country that the boxers represent. And being Filipino myself, (but never having lived in the Philippines), I can still feel that vibe, that strong passion for the country and seeing a fellow Filipino blazing a trail of success with his fists, on the world stage. It's something to feel proud of. Can I get a wha wha, Filiiipiiinos?!

Latimes.com has some good articles and video, about the upcoming fight, including interviews with the two fighters. Check it out.

I predict that this statue will mark Oscar De La Hoya's demise. That Hollywood smile is gonna be needing some porcelain veneers.

If Manny wins, he should star in a Wii Boxing/Punch-Out! commercial or something.

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