Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving now go play GoW 2 Multiplayer Flashback Players' Choice

Get yourself a turkey-sized 'beat down'.

The best way to spend your post Thanksgiving dinner is to play video games before the food induced sleep kicks in, and Gears of War 2 is the game to chill with. Sure Canada has Thanksgiving on a different day, in a different month, from that of the USA, (Oct on the 2nd Monday) but we can all understand and relate to the food feast, family, and the mandatory videogame downtime/beat down, that comes with the Holidays.

Recently I've been really getting into the whole Multiplayer Players' Choice Flashback Map pack, and now it's the only mode I'm interested in playing. Horde mode has become slightly boring to me, especially since I can't seem to get past wave 20. When the intensity of Elimination, Execution and Wingman far surpasses any AI driven locust attack, Horde seems kinda lame. I mean I still like Horde, but these other modes are pretty awesome. One thing that bothers me though is the lack of Team auto-Balance in-game, which is a must for multiplayer when people start abandoning the match. This among other issues.

Anyway, if you've got Gears2, play the shit out of it on Thanksgiving. While you're stuffed with a good meal (genetically modified turkey), be thankful that you have videogames to entertain you, I know I am, because after all gaming is a luxury, and as gamers, we shell out the dough for our enjoyment. Other people aren't as fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving, and see ya online.

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